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When you have a fully developed customer acquisition plan, you may want to let it simmer so that you can gather data to improve it. However, that can be tough when you’re continually on the go when it comes to marketing your brand and the new ecommerce web design you invested in.

Here are a few ways that you can amp up your conversion rate without doing too much adjusting to your customer acquisition plan. We’ve kept them inexpensive and easy so you can start applying these methods today.

Amp Up Your Ecommerce Acquisitions

Add videos into the mix

Videos are booming right now, and you should be providing your online audience with access to them. Plus, they aren't going to cost you a ton of money to make because the technology allows for simple, high-quality videos to be produced right from our smartphones.

Give your visitors an experience

You want to make sure that you're creating more than an online store or business, you want to get personal with people, so they feel like they come to you for more than a bargain – but they get an experience as well. You can do this by focusing on personalized emails, allowing customers to publish product reviews on your site, or start a discussion board for loyal customers.

Never stop engaging

Does the internet close down at 5 pm and go home? Nope. There are potential customers online during every minute of the day and night, and your mission is to keep engagement levels high and always have your brand in front of people. Luckily, there are a lot of tools out there that will allow you to get a little shut-eye while your customer acquisition plan is hard at work spilling out quality content and social media posts on a timer.