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Most San Diego web development companies will tell you to identify your ideal customers before you do anything else. In many cases, you’ll find this is easier said than done. Luckily we’ve simplified it a little for you.

Here are seven types of common customers segments that you shouldn’t ignore. If you find that you don't have any customers under on particular group, then you can cross it off the list and continue to narrow down the search.

Once you've divided your customers into the categories, you can design individualized plans to market to the particular groups.

#1: Generations

Baby boomers have different online shopping habits than Gen X’s, and when you want your brand to appeal to the right person, you’ll want to know what generation your marketing to. If you find that you have a customer base at all age groups, then design unique marketing plans for the different segments to gain the most conversions.

#2: Gender

Men and women don’t shop or respond to ads in the same way, and they don’t always hang out on the same social media outlets. While you’ll want to narrow your focus down a little further than just men or just women at some point, start by finding out who converts more when it comes to the services you offer.

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#3: Relationship status

Just like men and women, people who are in relationships versus those who are single will have different online patterns. To go even deeper than that, those who are dating have unique online habits compared to those that have been married for ten years.

Let’s say your San Diego web design was created for your dog grooming business, but you also sell pet accessories and supplies on it. Then you discover that single people spend twice as much on their furry friends versus families and those in a relationship. Now you have the information to target a segment that you can create a unique selling point for.

#4: Special occasions

One great way to get your customers involved in your brand and make them feel special is to segment them by special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Who doesn't want to get 25% off for their anniversary or a complimentary consultation for their birthday?


#5: Income and employment

Depending on the price and purpose of the products or services you promote on your San Diego web design, you'll want an idea of how much your ideal customer makes and their employment. If you sell high-end furniture, you want to know that your marketing efforts aren't going in vain to twenty-two-year-old college students who can barely afford a slice of pizza.

You can also enhance your segmented marketing efforts when you know the style of employment your customers are in. For example, if you sell ergonomic furniture, you can target people that sit at a desk all day in an office.

#6: Location

Where people live can have a significant impact on what they buy and the services they need. For example, if you sell snowshoes, you’ll want to target customers who live in an area that they could use skis and snow gear for a good majority of the years.

#7: San Diego web design page visits

You can also segment customers based on their search patterns, such as how long they linger on a particular page on your website. Perhaps you have a few visitors that have spent more than four minutes looking at juicers. Now you can design an email, coupon, and content just for them that focuses on juicers to give them more information and incentives to finalize the purchase.

The more in-tune you are to what segments your customers fall under, the more individualized your marketing plan will be. And that will equal a larger following and more sales!