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When it comes to your web design, you want your visual appearance to be spot on. After all, a customer’s first glance at your site will alert them to whether they want to stay a minute and check out what you have to offer or move along.

Here we have a quick color breakdown so that you know what to incorporate into your design for a lasting impression, and what to leave out. As an ecommerce web design company, we take a lot of pride in producing the best converting websites we can!

Colors for Web Design


Red is all about getting the heartbeat up whether you want to spark the emotion of passion or just intensify your design.


Yellow is an excellent accent color, but it’s also the hardest color on the eyes. It promotes happiness and has a youthful feel to it.

If you have any yellow print on your site, it’s probably a good idea to switch to black or a deeper color because most people won’t bother to strain their eyes to read it.


Blue provides calming and peaceful effects and is the most used color in work settings because it promotes productivity. It's also a striking color for brands because it evokes emotions of security and trust.


Purple is a very creative and powerful color that has gone down in history as a symbol of royalty. Many products that promote youth will use this color to enhance their brand.


Green is all about growth whether it is in health, wealth, fertility, or nature. When you want your website to symbolize prospering, then green will be an excellent choice.