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Snapchat has been gaining more steam over the last few years, and for those who have taken notice, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

In a nutshell, here's how Snapchat works:

Snapchat is much like Mission Impossible in that the message sent will "self-destruct" after it's viewed for a few seconds. There are a few options that will allow the snap to hang on a little longer such as creating a story.

People love that this form of mobile social media doesn't take up memory on devices. And one advantage that marketers can currently enjoy is that, unlike Facebook, there is less competition on this network.

That still leaves the question though if you should turn your attention towards it.

Snapchat - should you be on it?

Here are 3 signs you should be on Snapchat:

#1: Your target audience hangs out on it.

If you sell ecommerce webdesign products that are directed towards people 34 or younger, then you'll find many of your ideal customers are on Snapchat.

#2: You have fully executed current social media plans.

Don't just add a new social media account to your existing list of social media campaigns if you have other accounts growing stale because you don't have time for them. You want to be sure you are fully involved to make the most of your efforts.

Until you develop a working plan that will be monitored and kept up with, don't overwhelm yourself with more to do. However, if your current social media campaign is a well-oiled machine, then it's a superb time to add a new one to the list.

#3: You're ready to have fun.

You can use the social media network to do things like promote exciting new contests and give people a real-time backstage access to your brand.