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When you have customers hanging out on Twitter, you need to be there – even though it can be overwhelming when you're new. Online businesses are continually tweaking their Twitter campaigns and working to find balance on the constant stream of posts and the limited amount of characters.

Once you discover the right formula for your business, you'll see that it was worth the time by the boost in sales and engagement. Here are a few tips that will amp up your Twitter campaign so that you can drive more sales to your website.

Twitter leads the way for increased sales

#1: Utilize tools to make marketing more time-efficient

There’s a broad range of tools that make Twitter a smart social media marketing choice. To boost sales, you’re going to need to be consistent when it comes to posting, and you can use tools like HootSuite to organize your posts and send them out on a timer. You can also shrink links and have access to team features with HootSuite.

There’s also Buffer, SocialOomph, TweetAdder, and much more that can benefit online businesses depending on what your specific goals are. In general, you can start out with the free versions and then once you've decided you like the features, you can upgrade. Choose wisely though because too many tools can be a distraction for you and pull you in a few different directions. Find one or two that give you what you need and then focus on making the most of the features they offer.

#2: Target keywords that your ideal customer would use

We just talked about the amount of tools out there designed to help you with your Twitter campaign, so while you’re looking into the different options, find one that allows you to track keyword mentions from potential customers and current followers.

For example, if you sell kitchen appliance repair parts, you might want to target keywords like “broken dishwasher” so that you can see who wrote a tweet using that phrase. In some cases, you'll find a potential customer who is expressing they have a broken dishwasher and hate doing dishes by hand. You can then respond to them with a coupon for dishwasher parts and let them know you feel their pain.

#3: Use purposeful #Hashtags

Not all social media puts emphasis on hashtags, but when it comes to Twitter, using them is an absolute must. Because of the speed that Twitter moves, most people will use hashtags to find what they are they are looking for so you want to keep them relevant to your brand. You can make your own hashtags based on personal keyword research, or you can utilize popular ones to ensure you’re seen.

If you have a car dealership with a service center and online store, you may find success with these three hashtags:

  • #carbuyingtips

  • #carcare

  • #autoparts

When choosing your keywords, be sure you actually look under the hood of the hashtag to see what's going on and who is hanging out there. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible with as little time and money spent, so just make sure you're in the sweet spot, and you'll see the ROI.