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You can no longer look at your business website as a stiff variation of your brand. Now your site must stand against the competition and offer a customer experience that is built to wow your target market.

And we know this isn’t easy to do this.

As you build your site, you may get lost in the different tasks and find that you're moving along without stopping to give your design a good hard look. Before you go any further, you should pause and evaluate your website to ensure that you’re moving in the best direction for your brand before you've cost yourself marketing dollars.

By proactively revisiting your web design throughout the expansion of your brand's online presence, you'll stay modern and clear in your message. Here are a few early warning signs that your website design is moving in the wrong direction so that you can correct it.

Failed Web Design

Too much business talk (or ‘talking about yourself’)

There are websites out there that are designed with the customer in mind, and then there are web design sites that are built for the boss in San Diego. If your site has too much business talk and is focused on the wrong people, then it needs to be addressed.

Have a thorough About Page that gives visitors all of the highlights about your brand, how it got started, and who everybody is – and then stop tooting your own horn. Everything else should be built with the customer experience in mind.

No way to opt-in (or out)

If you run an online business and don’t have a way to opt-in to emails or subscribe to your brand, then it's time to get one. Building a list of potential customers is invaluable, and you should have a strategy in place to capture those emails and then design a plan for marketing based on their searches within your site structure.

In the same vein, you should also have a way that easily allows people to unsubscribe to your emails. Not only is it a requirement by law for many promotional style letters, but it builds trust with your customers because it puts them in control of their relationship with you even more. Seeing this at the bottom of an email can be comforting to people when they are giving you a test drive, and this feeling will roll over into the checkout process.

You’re not ranking

Traditional and white hat SEO takes time to cultivate when it comes to getting noticed in SERPs. But, after a few months or more of minimal to zero incline in rankings, then something is up. There are some beautiful business web designs out there that never took the time to optimize the images and tags that demand attention from Google crawlers.

You don’t share your website information

When you meet people via social media, or even at live events, are you proud to give your website URL or do you leave it out of the conversation? If you don’t take your website seriously yet, then it’s probably because you don’t like what you see. If this sounds like you, then you should go check out the competition and see how their site design contributes to their marketing efforts. You’ll probably find that you’ve been leaving a lot of money on the table and handing it right over to niche competitors.

Your web design doesn’t reflect your brand

Think about the brands that you follow in your everyday life. There is probably something about each one that stands out and unites them in every aspect of their business from the logo to the company name to the color schemes. They've branded themselves well so that you can easily spot them whether you're looking at their website, social media accounts, logoed t-shirts, emails, podcasts, and beyond.

Your web design should be unique in some aspects of your brand, but the best rule is to build a business site that reflects your values and image, as well as interweaves with other aspects of your marketing efforts.