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When you’re trying to gain brand awareness on social media, you don’t just want people to like your content – you want them to share it.

And with everyone battling for attention from individuals to small and large businesses, people are a little trigger sensitive when sharing content. When you want eye-catching social media posts that will spread like wildfires, you'll need to know the motivation behind the people who pass your content along to their friends.

However, there isn't just one reason people share on social media, there are many, and here are just a few.


People love a good story whether it’s heartfelt or funny, and entertainment can go a long way when it goes to getting shares. If you want to enhance your efforts, then add video with caption or photos to fully engage the audience.


Beautiful images and videos get often shared because they are spectacular and exciting to look at. If you sell items like camping equipment, you have a tremendous opportunity here to utilize images of extraordinary places and get more shares.


If you can teach people an interesting fact in a minute or less, you'll find they want to pass it on. You can look for interesting historical facts that are relevant to your industry or just post a quirky tidbit.

Current events

When it comes to current events, you have to react fast to receive the payoff. Pay attention to what’s trending in the media and find a way to spin it that makes it relevant to your business.


If you look on your social media feeds, you’ll see a lot of inspirational quotes and emotionally enticing posts. When people are moved, they tend to want their friends and family to see it as well.

Create awareness

Say your brand sells dog supplies, and you post the importance of educating people about why they should have their pets spayed and neutered, you might see an upswing of shares. Upon further a look, you'll most likely find that the people who shared it wanted to spread the word as well.

Finding a cause is also an excellent way to build a following for your business and get people involved with your brand.

Other factors to consider

Now that you have a general idea of the reasons why people share on social media, there are few other factors to consider.

#1: You don’t always have to sell.

While you want brand exposure and a clear call to action, you don’t always have to be throwing out a sales pitch. For businesses, it’s essential that you have your logo or some element that lets people know it’s your post – but you can still be a car dealership eCommerce web site in San Diego and post a refreshing grilled watermelon recipe for a summer holiday.

#2: Don’t be afraid to ask.

Yes, there is an appropriate way to ask for shares, and you don't want to do it all the time. However, now and then it's okay to say politely that if you like, then share it!