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The benefits of having a quick website are endless, and customers don't put a second thought into leaving one site because it's slow, and moving down the full list of other options to find the fastest loading product pages they were searching for.

Almost all SEOs know that if your site is slow – you're losing money. And the longer it takes for people to go through the checkout process, the higher your risk of an abandoned cart. Here are a few methods to speed up your business website and get customers through the process of buying - fast. In the competitive world of web design, San Diego and Web Design Solutions have been leading the way almost since the internet started.  q

Site speed to improve seo

#1: Get rid of add-ons and plugins that you don’t need

We know that some plugins can improve your website and enhance its functionality, but the goal here is to keep them to a minimum. If the plugin isn’t a necessity, then ditch it. Keep the quality ones that don’t load a bunch of scripts, perform remote requests, and add elements to every page like more database queries. When you use a professional web design company, chances are that you will be provided a technically sound site.

#2: Make sure caching is enabled

Enabling caching will give your customers a better experience when visiting your website because your site speed will increase. A version of your site will be stored on your customer’s browser until you update or refresh it, giving them easy access when they want to get into your online store and then get out quickly with a new product purchase.

#3: Continually optimize your site

When you optimize your site on a regular basis, you'll notice when site speed slows, and you can adjust what you're doing to speed it back up before too many people notice or whatever different types of web design you implement will be ineffective. Don't forget to clean out your database from time to time and get rid of data you don't need anymore. You can also reduce image size and install a tool like PageSpeed to help you with the process.