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Even if your brand is active on the top forms of social media, you may feel that you're still missing some of your ideal customers. And it's true because they may be checking out some of the newer or less known places to hang out online. Here are a three social media platforms that your ideal customers may be on that you haven’t thought of joining before.

#1: Wanelo

This form of social media is a lot like Pinterest with its stunning and elegant images. Its primary purpose is to offer shoppers a plethora of products that they can buy online from big brands to small and independent businesses. It provides customers with wish list capabilities and tools for product management. And while Wanelo is ideal for online retailers because of the heavy focus on online shoppers, it still allows people to engage and connect.

#2: Ello

Ello can be compared to Facebook in the way that you don’t have many limitations when it comes to sharing. You can post videos, text, images, and share whatever is on your mind. The big difference is that Ello does not endorse advertising of any kind. If you want to reach your customers on this new form of social media, you’ll really have to step up your game and personalize your web brand in San Diego so that you aren’t selling (ever) – but are engaging with your audience on a level that primarily focuses on entertainment and information.

#3: SlideShare

Well, now it’s called LinkedIn SlideShare, but if your goal is to reach professionals and establish yourself as an authority within your niche, then this is a great platform. Because SlideShare is designed for you to share sales presentations, PDF’s, and other documentations that showcase your knowledge and the attributes of your product, you’ll get to reach an audience that expects and welcomes the information.