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  • Aug 23 2016 Online Trends

    Managing a website is more than just crunching numbers and selling products. There’s a strategy involved when you want to profit off trends. Trends can be tricky as an online marketer because everything moves at such a fast speed. You never quite know where you stand on trends because one day they’re there – and poof – the next day they’re gone.

    Think of things like Twerking, localized advertising, and Candy Crush, and how many major brands were able... Read More!

  • Jun 23 2016 What’s the Fuss About Snapchat? Should I be on there?

    Snapchat has been gaining more steam over the last few years, and for those who have taken notice, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

    In a nutshell, here's how Snapchat works:

    Snapchat is much like Mission Impossible in that the message sent will "self-destruct" after it's viewed for a few seconds. There are a few options that will allow the snap to hang on a little longer such as creating a story.

    People love that this form of mobile social media... Read More!

  • Jun 09 2016 Social Media and E-Commerce

    By now marketers have figured out social media isn't going away – in fact, it's gaining more traction than ever before. And if you want to have a comprehensive online business, it's time to start finding the right social media channel. We can help with some free tips as well as do your eCommerce web site design in San Diego from our shop at an affordable rate.

    Now, if you’ve been behind when it comes to social media that doesn’t... Read More!